Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tudor-y bits

I spent Saturday finishing off some Tudor clothing ready for Kentwell Hall's main event starting this Sunday (for 3 weeks). On Friday I made a start on a linen partlet. I hate partlets as I never seem to get them to fit properly - either too big or too small!

For the partlet, I followed the pattern in The Tudor Tailor - I would recommend making a toile first and I can guarentee that the pattern will need some alteration to fit properly. Before sewing it all together, I hemmed each piece individually, leaving the CF seam and neck un-hemmed. I then whip stitched the pieces together at the shoulders. After this I sewed in some millinary wire along the CF and around the neck as I wanted the collar to stand up. I then pleated up some tape and attached it to the collar. The partlet fits quite well, although I had to fold a pleat into the back, so it is a little baggy, but hopefully it's not too bad and I'll probably alter it at some point!

After I finished the partlet, I made and added the puffy bits to my second foresleeve and the the hem up a bit more on my forepart (as it was showing at the back!)

So, next on my list is the Victorian dress which I want to start before I disappear at the weekend!

Victorian petticoat

Since my last post, I've managed to get a few bits finished, yay! :)
On Friday I managed to get my Victorian petticoat finished. I made it in pretty much the same way as my C18th petticoat, except I hemmed the flounce rather than pinked it, had the opening at the back (and used cotton tape for a tied waistband) and machine sewed everything. I used an old flannelette bedsheet for this - should add a bit of bulk and it'll be warm when worn with a few more petticoats in the colder months.

So by the end of day one, I had this:

And by day three, I had this:

I'm very happy with the results - I think I'll leave off the dress! What may not be clear from the photo, are the ribbon bows I added to the flounce for some decoration.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Don't Tell Him, Pike!

Something else I've been doing instead of sewing is knitting. I had decided that I wanted to pick it up when I had finished with uni as it is a useful skill to have. Now I have an excuse! A friend of mine from a reenactment group sometimes gets called Pike and someone else in the group suggested that I make the Pike scarf for him seeing as I can knit. So I jumped at the opportunity...
Here are the results so far:

An Update

Hi all. Yes, I know, it's been months since my last post, but I have been really busy! I had my dissertation and other assignments to write and a couple of exams to do, plus some events on top of that and a family wedding! I haven't had masses of time to get some sewing done, so I've lost a bit of motivation!

So, since March:
- I have altered my Tudor gown by unstitching the CF seam to open it up to reveal the forepart which will all be worn over a farthingale.
- I have also made new foresleeves (although one is waiting for it's puffy bits) following the pattern of the Tudor Tailor.
- I made a new 1940s dress as my red one was too small and didn't fit me properly. It has now had a couple of outings - a '40s dance and Dover Castle.
- I've re-made the veil of my French hood. It was originally wool, but is now a nice light-weight silk!
- Have made a start on a petticoat for Victorian.

I think that is it. I have less than 2 weeks to finish off the rest of my Tudor stuff as the Kentwell Hall main event starts on 19th June and lasts for three weeks (and I'm doing all of it!) and I have to get other clothing made for events soon after I come back from that, so I should be in a mad rush...but I'm not...